Women's Heart
Women tend to over-estimate their risk for cancer, and under-estimate heart disease, but studies have shown that cardiovascular disease – not cancer – is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. In fact, a woman’s risk of dying from a heart attack, stroke or other form of heart or vascular disease is more than 50 percent.

For women, heart disease is often called the “silent killer” because its symptoms can be vague, causing delays in treatment, and diagnosis often comes after the disease has already progressed. Due to biological distinctions between men and women, how a woman’s body responds to illness, medication and stress and how she manifests heart disease is entirely different than a man.

Regardless, cardiovascular disease is still largely preventable through lifestyle modification, screening, and other measures that delay or even eliminate its onset.

The Arizona Heart Institute champions a comprehensive and personalized approach to preventing, treating and even reversing heart and vascular disease. We have expertise in treating cardiovascular conditions in both men and women, and our clinicians recognize the factors that influence heart disease in women and develop treatment plans accordingly.

Though all of our experts advocate for patients of any age, gender or ethnicity, the Institute’s own Dr. Shani Saks takes women’s health to heart. An expert cardiovascular specialist who understands the clinical nature of heart disease, Dr. Saks has personal experience – significant and premature heart disease in her own family - that heightens her passion and commitment to successfully treating, or better yet, preventing heart and vascular conditions.