Risk Factor Analysis

Take control of your heart health – understand your risks

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in men and women, claiming more lives each year than all
forms of cancer combined. Individuals with heart disease are also at risk for stroke, aortic aneurysm,
and poor circulation of the legs.

Are you at risk for a heart attack? Take control of your heart health by taking our free online quiz. In
less than five minutes, you can take this simple test and get results immediately.

Use this test as a general guide. If you have already had a heart attack or have been diagnosed with
heart disease, your heart attack risk is significantly higher. Only your doctor can evaluate your risk
and recommend treatment plans to reduce your risk. If you don't know your cholesterol level or blood
pressure, ask your doctor if your levels should be checked.

Family History:
My family has a history of heart disease or heart attacks before
the age of 60
Inactive Lifestyle:
I rarely exercise or do anything physically demanding.
Cholesterol Level:
Total Cholesterol Level
HDL Level (good cholesterol)
Blood Pressure:
I don't take blood pressure medication; my blood pressure is:
(use your top or higher blood pressure number)
I am currently taking blood pressure medication
I am more than 20 lbs. over my ideal weight.
I'm a smoker.
I am Diabetic.
Total Score

If you scored 4 points or more, you could be at above average risk of a first heart attack compared to the general adult population. The more points you score, the higher your risk.

If your total is 4 or more points you may be interested in scheduling an appointment with Arizona Heart Institute by calling 602.266.2200. This is a cardiovascular evaluation that is a quick, painless way to assess your risk for heart disease.

Because the Arizona Heart Institute may want to provide follow-up information, please complete the information below. Your contact information will be used only to communicate your risk assessment, unless you request that we contact you further.

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