Preparing For Your Appointment
The Arizona Heart Institute offers a unique patient care model. In order to best serve you, our goal is to provide comprehensive testing and same-day results in a single visit. Though you might spend a whole day at the Arizona Heart Institute, you will avoid chasing from one appointment to the next over a period of days or weeks. Ultimately, we will save you valuable time – and that time might save your life. Therefore, we welcome you and those accompanying you during your appointment to bring reading materials, a light snack, and other personal items to make your visit as comfortable as possible. We also offer reading materials and TV viewing in our lobby, complementary coffee, juice, and water, and vending machines on our 3rd floor. Please note, however, that patients are required to fast for eight (8) hours prior to their scheduled appointments (see below information on fasting).  

Scheduling your appointment
To schedule an appointment, please call 602.266.2200. Our Patient Service Representatives are available to assist you and answer any questions you might have. If you need assistance with local accommodations, we can guide you.

For a list of the insurance plans accepted by the Arizona Heart Institute, click here. Please check with your plan to see if pre-authorization is required for your visit. 

What do I need to bring to my appointment?
If your insurance requires a referral from your primary care physician, please contact your doctor’s office prior to ensure we receive the proper referral before your appointment. Other items to bring to your first appointment include:
• New patient paperwork. To save you time, we invite you to complete your new patient paperwork prior to your appointment. Click here to access these patient forms.
• Photo identification
• Insurance card(s)
• Arteriogram (dye test) and/or x-rays, CT scans performed in the past year (CD or flat films), and a written report. These can be obtained by contacting the facility where the tests were performed, typically in the Radiology department.
• All medications you are currently taking in the original bottles.
• Please wear comfortable shoes and a shirt or blouse that opens in the front.

May I eat or drink before my appointment?
Many tests, such as blood work, nuclear testing, and abdominal and renal ultrasound, require fasting. Therefore, do not eat or drink anything except water for eight (8) hours before your appointment.

Can I take my medications?
Certain diagnostic testing ordered by your physician may require that you refrain from taking one or more of your routine prescription medications prior to your appointment. Please always check with us prior to your scheduled appointment to verify whether or not you are to take your medications beforehand. If you are cleared to take your routine medications as prescribed, you may do so only with a small amount of water. If you are a diabetic, do not take your insulin the morning of your appointment; instead, bring your insulin and supplies with you. You may also want to bring a snack.

At the Arizona Heart Institute, your health is our priority. Our highly trained staff is here to serve you and to ensure that you experience excellent patient care.

Hours of Operation
7 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday